Bliss Couture ~Ysl Special Limited Editions

Are you looking for a beautiful classic and glamorous look? Well are you recently been to Bliss Couture? At Bliss you will find an outfit for all occasions. Whether a formal dress, cocktail dress or a casual outfit is, you can always go to Bliss. Frequently you will find a special Limited Editions at Bliss Couture. This will ensure that you are unique with your styling. Even now during the Christmas season you will find several limited editions. Today I’m wearing one of there called; YSL

Ysl is a Beautiful stylish dress. The top of the dress is made from a beautiful white soft fabric bearing purple hand embroidered stitching. At the front you see a white bow. The top of the dress flows into a wide skirt made of a transparent substance. If you walk in this dress it looks like the waves of the sea will rise arround you. I have styled this dress with hair from Bliss (think i went banana’s during the 50% discount this weekend) and jewelry from Virtual Impressions.

Another outfit i would like to show you is the Pauline Dress. This dress is a special gift from Amutey DeCuir for us all. The dress is made of different shades of blue, wich flow beautifully into each other.The tight top runs into the skirt made of several layers. This is a dress that you can use for many occasions whether for a formal party or during a shopping spree.

Skin: Aleida Ingrid SUNK – natural
Hair: Bliss Hair Angelina Hair – Chianti
Dress: Bliss YSL Gown (Limited Edition)
Shoes: Maitreya ChiChi Pumps – Cerise Velvet
Earrings: Virtual Impressions Beatrice Jewelry in Diamonds

Skin: Aleida Ingrid SUNK – natural
Hair: Bliss Hair Betty Hair – Caviar
Dress: Bliss Pauline Dress
Shoes: Lelutka Saffron Pumps Soft Sky
Jewelry: Virtual Impressions Cheryl Jewelry Set in Platinum & Diamonds
Nails: Je Suis Naive Nails Blues


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Linnda is a is a Model, Stylist and Blogger on Second Life. Since november 2007 she is working with the best agencies, magazines and designers all over Second Life. Fashion Blog: Flickr:
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2 reacties op Bliss Couture ~Ysl Special Limited Editions

  1. Ysl is so incredibly beautiful. Thank you Linnda for bring our attention to it this season.

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