Angel Dessous ~ Spring 2011 ~ Fierce and Linnda

The winter is almost over and designers are starting to design there spring collection. Hallelujah for that because i am done with the winter for a long time now. One of designers who is ready for the spring is Angel Dessous. Nando and his team have been very busy and last sunday they released there new spring collection of 2011. Since i cant choose i will blog all the new dresses but not in one time ofcourse, this way you can keep shopping haha. Today i will show you Fierce and Linnda (yes named after me wich is such a big honor, speechless♥).

Oke lets start with Linnda haha. Strange to talk something that is so me. Nando really thought in 2 ways. I am a lady but my style is the casual feminine sexy style so Nando mixed that up in a perfect, elegant and stylish way. Linnda comes in a knee high pants and a skirt incl a matching belt, earrings and a necklace. With this outfit you will be ready for many occassions like a day of shopping or have a beach party, perfect to mix and match. I am showing you the red and silver version (leandra breen made these 2 beautiful pics/ads of me ♥). Linnda also comes in gold, green and blue.

Skin: Aleida Inga light
Hair: Plume
Outfit: Angel Dessous Linnda Red
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Jayne red
Bracelets: Zaara Nizam red
Nails: Caithlin Carter Design (CCD) girls next door nails red

Skin: Bodyline SARA m2 rose under the sky
Hair: Vanity Hair Pin Up HP-Noir
Outfit: Angel Dessous Linnda Silver
Shoes: GField Flower Pumps “Eve” -black
Bracelets: Finesmith Designs moroccan silver
Nails: Finesmith Designs metalic nails silver

Another amazing new spring release is Fierce. The skirt of the dress is till just above the knees. The tight top of the dress is low cut and strap ensures that your feminine curves the attention they deserve.

Skin: Aleida Ingrid light- autumn
Hair: Boon AEN105 hair chocolate
Outfit: Angel Dessous Fierce Spice, Sun and Green
Shoes: Lelutka Saffron Pumps Electric Orange and Lelutka Teese shoes yellowgreen
Earrings: Dela Earring “Claudia” Orange and Green
Bracelets: Dela Bangle “Carmen” Orange and Green
Nails: Mandala Takara Nail/ orange and Mandala Sinra Nails Mos green


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