PosESioN Dahriel Glasses Gold and 22769 A Rock in a Hard Place_001

Hair: Vanity Hair Anchor
Dress: PurpleMoon Prestige Gown (Black Fashion Fair)
Necklace: 22769 A Rock in a Hard Place (La Metallique Fair)
Glasses: PosEsion Dahriel Glasses (La Metallique Fair)

Pose: PosEsion My Glasses Set (La Metallique Fair)
Location: There is always hope

Remember that the La Metallique Fair opens tomorrow on august 15th, midnight slt


Over linndascofield

Linnda is a is a Model, Stylist and Blogger on Second Life. Since november 2007 she is working with the best agencies, magazines and designers all over Second Life. Fashion Blog: Flickr:
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