Nothing really matters

Is this true, doesnt nothing matters?
One day everything started from nothing on this world, this sound akward dont you think. So Nothing is a something. I dont need to start thinking of that or my brain will have a lot of work with all kind of questions.

It’s pretty safe to say that at the end of the day, there are really only a few things that truly matter. For me thats my family, my love, my precious girls so i quess my happyness and joy does really matter. Being grateful for all those precious people arround me, family and friends.

It’s so easy to become swept up in a busy life, isn’t it?  Why don’t we take the time to think about what would make us happy. Think about what is going to matter to you on your deathbed. Is it a close relationship with family and friends? Is it bucket-loads of money stashed all over the world? What is it that would make you proud of yourself?

Since more than a month, i am confronted with these questions. December and january were months full of questions that made me think what really matters.
People are constantly trying to convince themselves that it is time to work on that all important and potentially life-changing goals, then they wake up one day and realize 10 years has elapsed.

For now my answer on my own question if things do matter is to learn to appreciate the little things in life, enjoy those precious things and moments. When we can do that the rest will follow.

Gizza Stacey and David Heather Eaton Fur Coat

Skin: Glam Affair Sia skin – America 03 ( Maitreya Exclusive )
Hair: Truth hair Holly
Coat: David Heather Eaton Fur Coat (Uber)
Dress: Gizza Stacey Dress [Tweed Grey]

Pose: Corpus Couture Edition – Posestand 001
Location: Pinoy



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