Let it be unique for yourself

~ Create your own style,let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others ~
Anna Wintour

What i am wearing at my blog is to show other people the type of person i am. Sometimes i stand out of my comfortzone because you do not always identify with one kind of style.

An interest in fashion as well as in developing your own style implies that you are not just connected to the fashion world ,it means taking on your environment, getting inspired by the space you live in and translate it into something you can draw from, something that makes you grow personality-wise and therefore, also style-wise. Make it approachable to you. Fit it to your mood and needs and personality, be identifiable but at the same time unique. Developing style can only come from the true within, from who you are underneath the makeup and clothes and skin and bones. Remember that the inside reflects the outside and vice versa, dress according to that.

When it comes to makeup i choose for safety, since i am confortable with the brand for years. But why not look at other designers, why the familiar. Being loyal is a good feature but for me a bit of appreciation would be nice also. My sweet friend Cao said on her blog; “I dusted off my big girl knickers and moved on” . Well….i agree with her. Have we been to lazy to look arround us? No i dont think so. You hold on to what you like, and feel comfortable with.

Gizza Zoe Dress and Brooke Draped vest

Hair: No Match No Drink
Vest: Gizza Brooke – Draped Vest
Dress: Gizza Zoe Double
Tie: Mandala Smexy Tie Necklace
Legging: Drift Leggings Solid Knit
Shoes: Baiastice Rhino AnkleBoots

Pose: Ma Vie Frozen
Location: Izzie’s


Over linndascofield

Linnda is a is a Model, Stylist and Blogger on Second Life. Since november 2007 she is working with the best agencies, magazines and designers all over Second Life. Fashion Blog: https://linndascofield.wordpress.com/ Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/linndascofield/
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