Under my umbrella

When the sun shine we’ll shine together
Told you I’ll be here forever
Said I’ll always be your friend
Took an oath, I’mma stick it out ‘til the end
~Rihanna ~

What will change in February and March? Unfortunately, often nothing: it is still cold, there may still fall snow, and Spring is still not in the air, but dont we like to come in a spring mood. Yes i do!! That is much more important than the cold reality when we have to protect our self against rain, cold and all other nasty outside influences which make you want to crawl into a cocoon.

It is this springmood that leads us to open our closets and to take a first look at the place where lighter and airier garments hang, despite the fact that the heating in the house is still on. It is also the springmood that bring us to town to go shopping hoping to see all the new collections in the windows for the summer.

The desire for the new, warm season, just gives life meaning. Maybe I’m exaggerating but when the winter is here for a long time i am just so done with it, haha i am just am not a winter type of person. The new cycle of the beautiful spring season brings rhythm to our lives. It is precisely in these weeks that your mood changes, hope flourishes and we start to dream again.

Spring season will be introduced in about more than a month. Purplemoon is responding creatively to this by coming up with lovely waterproof outfit, the Madison Raincoat. A trendy raincoat made of a fine fabric covered with colored prints. Poulet also made an appropriate umbrella that is matching your raincoat, such a sweet combination that will let you enjoy and fight the spring showers. You will find Madison at L’accessoires.

Purplemoon Madison Raincoat

Skin: WoW Skins Elsa
Hair: No Match No Break
Outfit: PurpleMoon Madison Raincoat ( L’accessoires )
Umbrella: PurpleMoon Madison Umbrella in Blue ( L’accessoires )

Pose: Sway Umbrella pose
Location: L’Arc en Ciel


Over linndascofield

Linnda is a is a Model, Stylist and Blogger on Second Life. Since november 2007 she is working with the best agencies, magazines and designers all over Second Life. Fashion Blog: https://linndascofield.wordpress.com/ Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/linndascofield/
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5 reacties op Under my umbrella

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  2. SOO Pretty Linny the Pooh! <33 Happy weekend!

  3. ❤ what a beautiful woman you are, in all the ways. ❤

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