Relax and Unwind

Just before the summer i had a time when I forgot about myself. Busy with work, busy with the things going around my father, the children had their tidbits, less time for my parner but he picked his moments before we would estranged from eachother. Yes a lot went on autopilot. During our vacation i noticed this busy period had an impact on me . Suddenly you realize that you “temporary” have put a hold on a lot of things but for what? No one knows. Eventually you lose sight of what really matters.

Busy? It’s just how you experience and how you divide the available time.
Be grateful for what you have. Positive thinking is a good feature. For myself i can say that i always like to stand positive in life, appriciate what i have in life. I grumble also dont you worry about that haha but in the end it will cost you energy that you can use otherwise.

I have learned that you cant always control the things arround you, but you can control how you think, how you feel and how you respond to these things. Everyone has so much to be grateful about. Everyone can find such things, if you just look carefully around. The sun rises every day, the smiles of my children, kissed by my loved one in the morning so you get the butterflies in your stomach and so on. The simple happiness.

I can not do everything in one day, i know that. It even has not all be finished in a week or month.  It comes as it comes. Ultimately it is about balance in life. Time for your children, partner, socializing with friends. Cherish the moments and the happiness. Appreciate what you have but it is most important to not forget about your self, put your self at the top possition. When you feel good you radiate this and you notice that the happiness smiles to you. Relax, well just unwind so that you can focus on your actually real priorities.

PM Paloma Cardigan and Loovus Pretentious jeans_001

Hair: Truth Arden
Cardiganset: PurpleMoon Paloma Cardigan @ The intruments
Pants: Loovus Dzevavor Pretentious Jeans @ The intruments
Shoes: Elysium Abigail pumps

Pose: Label Motion Magazine pose
Location: Home



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