I stare, you stare

Chez Moi Riverdale Hay set

Hair: Mina Hair Annie @ Hairfair – Blonde
Sweater: Emery Bonjour Sweater
Jeans: Blueberry Frank Jeans
Shoes: Giz Seorn Pop Boots

Chez Moi Riverdale Hay Couch @ Cosmopolitan
Chez Moi Riverdale Firepit @ Cosmopolitan
{what next} Vermont Hot Chocolate Tray
Chez Moi Fence & Horses NorthMont Farm

Pose: Sam Poses The Stare

Over linndascofield

Linnda is a is a Model, Stylist and Blogger on Second Life. Since november 2007 she is working with the best agencies, magazines and designers all over Second Life. Fashion Blog: https://linndascofield.wordpress.com/ Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/linndascofield/
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