Review Policy

First a thank you for your interest in my blog and for even considering me!

In my blog posts, i choose to wear a designers items in either a mix or match or as a whole.
My posts are a personal taste wich i feel comfortable with. I only will use items i like. On my blog i don’t show items that i dislike so i will never write badly about a designer. I am not here to ruin anyone’s, just want to share the things i like and show my personal taste, my opinion about an item can always be the opposite of what another person thinks about it. That is why i have purchased most items out of my own pocket.

If you are interested in being reviewed in a blog feel free to contact me.

English isnt my first language, so it isnt always easy write full pages about your items. I love to do it but unfortunately sometimes the language give me some limitations in writing. So if you’re looking for a great writer without grammatical errors, with a large vocabulary, well.. you won’t find it here but always will do my best for it and love to give my own personal touch to a review. Mostly i will might add some comments, but I won’t do a written review of your items

When i have written a review i will send you the link. In case you would like to use my review pics on your weblog/site or store, IM me or e-mail me and I will gladly send them over.

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